What is a Chatty Project?

Chatty Projects make it easy to work directly with your Chatty editor and manage important documents, communication, and payment in a single platform.

  • Share editorial briefs, voice and style guides, SEO recommendations, and other editorial guidelines
  • Communicate directly with your editor (and Writer Advocate)
  • Receive editorial feedback and suggestions on your documents
  • Make secure payment via the Chatty Portal

Chatty clients can start a new Project from the Chatty Portal by:

  1. Writing their project brief
  2. Specifying the category and length of the project
  3. Choosing a Crew Member to complete the project
  4. Starting the project

As your editor completes work on your Project, it moves through a series of states. If either you or your editor has questions about a Project, you can message them directly through the Chatty Portal.

When your project is complete, your editor will deliver their feedback directly in your document, and send you a message through the Chatty Portal letting you know it's ready!

Each Chatty Project has a fixed cost, so there's never any surprises.

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