How do I order a new Chatty Project?

A clear, concise, and comprehensive Project brief is key to a great result, so it's worth taking the time to get right! We've laid out the steps to writing a great Project brief below, with some key pointers and screenshots of the process to help you get started.

An overview of the Project brief

When you first open the Project brief form, you'll see a few things:

  • A Summary field showing your chosen content category, the length in words and desired turnaround time, an optional field for entering a coupon (if you have one), and a subtotal of your order. Don't worry if these aren't right when you first open the form—they will update in real-time as you fill out your brief!

    Note: Customers on legacy Chatty "unlimited" plans will not see this section.

  • A Support bubble in the bottom left corner with a life raft icon. If you have any questions throughout the process, simply click here and we'll help you out!

Step 1: Tell us about your project

During the first step, you'll share some important details about your project:

  • Start by giving your project a name. This helps you keep track of different projects.
  • Select the project category that best fits your needs. We've listed the most common content categories here—if you don't see your exact category, you can choose the closest option (for example, if you're editing a case study, choose "Blog Post"), or click the life raft icon to ask us a question.
  • Describe your project. Include as many details as possible, including your target audience, voice and style guidelines, SEO keywords, links to content briefs, and anything else your editor might need to know. Be concise and use bullet points to make it easier for your editor to understand.
  • Add reference links. Have any successful blog posts you'd like this piece to mimic, from your own blog or from an external site? Want to share voice and style guides with your editor? Drop the links in here!

Step 2: Share your project document

Here you can add in all the important details about the content you need edited:

  • Choose how you want to share your document. You can either paste a link (for example, to a shared Google Document), or upload a file (for example, a Word document or PDF).
  • Paste your document  link or upload your file. If you're sharing a Google Doc or other online document with us, paste the link here. Don't forget to turn on sharing access!
  • Select your word count. Choose how many words you need edited for this project. This affects the final price for your project (and it affects how much your editor gets paid for the project), so try to be as accurate as possible. If your document includes content briefs, outlines, or additional info you don't need edited, you can mark it in the comments in the document itself or leave a note in Step 1 for your editor so they know not to edit those sections! And if you choose the wrong word count, your editor will let you know if they need to change the final fee for your project.
  • Choose your project timeline. Whether you're on a tight deadline or your schedule is wide open, we give you the options to best fit your budget and schedule.

Step 3: Choose an editor

Here you can choose which editor on your Crew you'd like to tackle your project.

  • If you've already set up your Chatty Crew (or you've already ordered one or more Projects), we'll show you a list of Crew members you've worked with previously (marked with a "people" icon) or added to your favorites (marked with a red heart).
  • If you can't find the editor you're looking for, you can search by name.
  • If this is your first Chatty Project and you haven't set up your Crew yet, not to worry—we'll show you curated editors with expertise in your industry and content category so you can easily find the perfect editor!

Step 4: Pay for your project

Finally, choose which payment method you want to use for this project, and enter your payment details. You'll also need to agree to Chatty's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before continuing.

Click Complete Purchase to submit your Project—you'll be charged for the price of your Project immediately, and your chosen editor will get to work!

Note: Customers on legacy Chatty "unlimited" plans will skip this step.

And don't forget, if you're not happy with your feedback from our editing service, remember that we offer a 100% risk-free guarantee on every Project!

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